IMG_0853Me; a story by Kevin Wolfe about Kevin Wolfe

I’m a biologist, and I sometimes get a little too excited about the natural world.

Why did you decide to start a blog about science?
Because it’s fun. Communicating science is exciting, and people tend to enjoy my strange descriptions of textbook material. It’s nice to see that adults can still become excited about learning science, and it feels good to generate such excitement from my work. Writing these articles also forces me to explore amazing things I don’t already know about the natural world, which is always rewarding.

Why do you think biology in particular is worth writing about?
People become very excited about biology because it’s a very tangible and kinesthetic subject. From medicine to ecology to animal behavior, biology is among the most immersive of the sciences because it constantly influences our daily lives. Plus, biology is my expertise.

 What makes the topics you choose “badass”?
I feel as though the subjects of my articles are badass because they either a) do something insane or b) because they are hugely important or complex yet get no credit for it. The first is often easier to write about and convey because kick-ass adaptations don’t need much elaboration to get the point across. However, the second are more fun for me because it’s more difficult to explain why something so commonplace can be badass if shown in the right light.

I love you.
I know.

Your articles make me envious of how wonderful you are. How often will you publish them?
Stop asking so many questions. I post when I can get the time and energy. I do a lot of things, including volunteering and cultivating a career and family. Sometimes, I may find myself too busy to post. Ideally, one per month is what I seem to be able to produce.

What can I do to help you grow this blog?
Obviously, share my articles with your friends and comment with questions or future topic ideas. I write because I like to write, and I am always trying to improve. There is no end game. There is no catch. What you’re reading is pure unfiltered brain practice. Enjoy, and ask lots of questions!

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